Orla’s Happy Hormones

Ep.75-Surviving 33

December 7, 2020

Episode 75 of Órlas Happy Hormones Podcast is live now. This week I'm looking at the lessons of the past year as I turn 34. 33 is known to be a year of transformation from shadow work to excavating the deepest corners of your subconscious. It certainly was for me. I go through the 5 biggest lessons I got from the last year. 1. You can't skip ahead to being healed. You have to feel your pain. 2. The think you fear the most is what will set you free. 3. People come and go for many different reasons. 4. Everything happens the way it is meant to. 5. Let yourself be truly seen.

I hope you enjoy. To listen click the link below or head on over to itunes. Happy Friday

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