Orla’s Happy Hormones

Ep.79 - 7 Books That Changed My Life Going Forward

February 26, 2021

Episode 79 of Órlas Happy Hormones Podcast has just gone live and this one is a little different but I enjoyed reflecting back on the different journeys I went on. This one has been requested a few times but I found it hard to really narrow the list down. There have been other books which I feel everyone should read but isn't on this list. These are the books which changed the trajectory of my life. In different times of my life, these books found me. I always feel a book will choose you, not you the book. . . The 7 Books That Changed The Course of My Life: 1. The 5 People You Meet In Heaven - Mitch Albom 2. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho 3. Eleven Minutes - Paulo Coelho 4. Mutant Message Down Under - Marlo Morgan 5. Attached - Dr. Amir Levine & Rachel S.F. Heller 6. Lost Connections - Johann Hari 7. The Body Keeps The Score - Bessel Van Der Kolk . . I'm not saying everyone should read these books. These are the books which had the most profound impact on my life for different reasons and at different stages. Let me know if any of your top books are the same. Happy Friday 💜

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