Orla’s Happy Hormones

Ep.82 Colman Power Organic Fitness

April 2, 2021

This weeks episode, I'm talking to Colman Power Organic Fitness on the power of organic food.  

Colman is an online personal trainer and organic horticulturist with a passion for educating people on the benefits of real single ingredient foods. We got to talk all things organic food, training and the importance of understanding his clients menstrual cycles.  Here are some of the key topics we covered.

What the difference is between organic and non organic.

The benefits of eating a mainly plant based diet and fuelling your body.

What training styles will give you more bang for your buck at home.

And much more.


To get in touch with Colman you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok https://www.instagram.com/colman_power_organic_fitness/

 Happy Friday 

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