Orla’s Happy Hormones

Episode 81- Top 20 Episodes & Backstories

March 26, 2021

Episode 81 of Órlas Happy Hormones Podcast has just gone live and this week I'm saying a big thank you for the 10,000 downloads :) and going through the top 10 listened to episodes and where I was at at the time of recording them.

This episode is more of a personal one than a breakdown of each episode. Reflecting back on the journey of this podcast and my own personal journey over the last two years. There's some things in here I haven't spoken about publicly before and they are topics I thought I'd never be able to speak about outside of my closest people. This may be a triggering episode for some people, so if you are not in the best place right now, maybe hold off on listening to it. . . My top listened to episodes: 1. Ep.1 What is your menstrual cycle? 2. Ep. 46 Sex: Libido, Pain & Intimacy. 3 Ep. 54- 2 week wait, Adrenal fatigue & Candida 4. Ep. 57- Break ups & Heartache. 5. Ep. 31- IBS, Gut Health & Herbs 6. Ep. 71- Chats with Laura Fox 7. Ep. 60-Lessons From the Sea 8. Ep. 17-Stress, Adrenal Fatigue & Burnout 9. Ep. 63- Ways to cultivate Joy & Happiness 10. Ep. 62- Top 3 Supplements for Hormones.

Happy Friday

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